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Here is part of my collection of catalogs. If you would like a particular scan of a catalog page then email me and I will do my best to get it to you. These only open to larger images and not to the complete catalog! Sorry, just no time to scan all of the pages.
All images and logos are representative of the respective company. They are for historical purposes only and are not sold or re-printed for any reason.

Ajax Drums


This all came in one Evans Promotional Brochure


Fibes Drums



Frank Wolf Drums

This is a 4 page flyer for Frank Wolf Drummers Supply
This is a 4 page flyer for Frank Wolf Drummers Supply

These go to more scans...

1944 Wartime Catalog
Mailing Envelope
1950 Leedy Catalog
This is a 1951 Leedy & Ludwig Catalog with price list.
1937 Leedy Drum Topics
The Leedy "Roll Off"
Leedy Brochure


Ludwig Dealer Binder late 70/80's
Cover picture coming soon!

From what I can tell this is complete including the dealer pen! I have to take a digital of the cover and inside since they do not scan very well.

Complete Catalog







Valje Percussion

Click image for the items in the pack


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