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The history of the Dodge Drum Company (taken from the 1907 catalog)

Mr Frank E. Dodge is a young man who has selected a specialty and followed it to its logical end. Being an experienced drummer and at the same time a natural mechanic, he is particularly well fitted to serve the professional drummer as a practical drum and trap builder. He is a thorough student of acoustics, having received his technical training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started his career as a member of the First Regiment Drum Corps, which attained a national reputation through its connection with Reeve's and Gillmore's Bands. In 1895 he was awarded the gold medal as first prize in the rudimentary drumming contest. He has had experience in every branch of the drumming business from dance work to grand opera, and has been featured as xylophone soloist with some of the best concert bands. He is tympanist of the Boston Festival Orchestra, and first drummer and xylophone soloist of the Municipal Band of Boston (50 members).

In 1904 he was offered the first chair with the Sousa Band, which however he was obliged to refuse, as his drum factory demands his constant attention. He attributes his phenomenal success as a manufacturer by the professional drummers of the United States and Canada, whose implicit confidence ha has won by his square dealing and the general excellence of his instruments.

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