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"WFLIII Drums is more than just a company. It's the ressurection of a family legacy and creating a new breed of drums my forefathers would be proud of. WFLIII Drums are heirloom-quality instruments that can be passed down for generations."
Custom Bass Drum Heads
Vintage Logos creates visual percussion products that transform your kit into a vehicle for getting your image out in front. It's a given that attention to quality is the foundation of everything we do; from our customer service, to details in production, packaging & delivery, until your new head is on your kit.
Vintage Drum Wraps and Parts
Precision Drum Company, Inc. was founded in 1961 for the purpose of assisting working drummers in keeping their drums looking and sounding their best. In keeping with this philosophy, we now offer quality custom drum sets.
First, we would like to thank you for your interest in our products. We sell a complete line of drum wraps and hardware for your restoration or new drum needs. Please stop by and check out our selection of custom and vintage style drum wraps.
Drum Restoration
Adrian Kirchler, AK Drums. Custom engraving, Restoration and Strainer repair.
Your solution for vintage drum restoration. Specializing in vintage drum repair, restoration, and refinishing. Detail Oriented / Expert Service
Buy sell and trade vintage drums. Also new equipment
Have you been looking for an authoritative source for pricing your vintage set or snare drum? We can help. Established in 1987, Vintage Drum Center is recognized worldwide as both a leader in the vintage drum industry ...
Rebeats is a business specializing in vintage and custom drum related items and activities. This includes production of the country's oldest and largest vintage & custom drum show held annually in Chicago, the publication of books related to drum history, video production, and the sale of books, shirts, calfskin heads, videos, etc.
Our online catalog of Vintage Drums, Cymbals and Everything In-Between. Featuring Camco, Gretsch, Leedy, Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland, WFL and more.
Drummer Reference Web Site
The Curotto Collection, as of this Volume I printing consists of 420 + vintage snare drums. Volume I is a presentation of gold plated & engraved, silver plated & engraved and black nickel & engraved snare drums with the addition of a "Future Collectable" section.
Buddy Rich Reference Web Site
Smaller site with images and some information about Buddy.
Vintage Drums Magazine
Classic Drummer magazine brings you the best in "Who's Who In Drumming", from the most famous and influential drummers of the past and present. Features full length interviews with exclusive photos.
Vintage Cymbal Reference Web Site
WELCOME to all new Cymbalholics who have visited this site and who are participating in our forums! We hope to continue expanding the knowledge base here regarding all vintage and new lines of cymbals.
Sonor Related Web Site
Welcome to the ONLY site on the web dedicated solely to the dissemination of information on out-of-production SONOR Drums and accessories. I personally have owned Sonors since 1986
Pearl Drums Timeline and Web Site
April 2, 1946 Katsumi Yanagisawa starts manufacturing music stands in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan.
Trixon Drums
Welcome to the world's greatest collection of Trixon catalog shots as well as vintage and current Trixon drumsets and players in the www!!! Ingo Winterberg

This web site is dedicated to the history of vintage drums.

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