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This is what I do to fix a Slingerland Zoomatic Strainer. You have to have all of the original parts even the internal pressed washer if possible. If not then a similar size washer is necessary. (Click images for larger pictures)

The problem with the Zoomatic Strainer is that people over tighten it! It is a very functional and nice design for a strainer, but when it gets over-tightened there is a pressure fitted washer that begins to loosen and eventually break or separate from the tension knob. This renders the strainer useless since it needs that to keep the tension on the snare wires.
Slingerland decided to add what I have heard referred to as a "Dummy Tab" to the back of the strainer to stop people from over tightening, but all that did was allow for people to tighten into the wrap causing a depression in the finish!.

The fix is actually very simple and all you need is a spring! The spring in the picture is 3/4" long and 1/2" wide. Other spring sizes will work and you can even take a tension spring from a lug casing and cut it with wire cutters. A looser spring is better because it needs to have flexibility. A stiff spring is not the best way to go. Experiment with the spring to get the desired affect. The washer needs to be similar in size to the original so it holds the strainer arm in place.

What this does is apply pressure to the washer and the back of the strainer. It forces the strainer out giving it tension. Originally it relied on no pressure, but the pressure washer held everything in place. The strainer will also have a nice snap into the unlock position! If you have any questions please email me and I will try and answer them for you.

Hope this helps some Zoomatic Strainers and if it works for you then let me know!



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