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Rogers Swiv-O-Matic Mounts

When it comes to hardware Rogers has some of the most devout followers. Not just any Rogers hardware, but the Swivo hardware from the 60's. For some reason it is a love/hate* relationship with this hardware. When the Swivo hardware first came out the parts were made in a machine shop and the Collet Nose was machined (photos below). This made it almost indestructible if treated correctly. Some time in the late 60's (some say 1969) the parts were changed to a cast version. This of course made them slightly inferior to their machined brethren, but still good hardware none the less.

So below you will see the two different versions and the slight variations are noted. I'm sure there are transition versions that might have different washer combinations.

*Special Note: Many people over-tightened the collet nose which is why people had problems with the Swivo hardware. They also used pliers or a tool so many are scratched or have teeth marks. It is also important to note that the hole spacing between eras on the plates has been reported to be slightly different. So you might need to make some small modifications.


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It should be easy to tell the two apart from each other.

It is a little harder to tell the two apart, but the older version (right) has a thicker wall on the center post and looks little less finished then the newer version. (left)

Here are the two complete Rogers tom mounts. The cast on the left and the machined on the right. They also changed the mounting hardware from standard flat washers to the star washers.

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