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This page will be a collection of the different configurations of drum sets that Pearl Drums offered over the years... As I add things this section will grow and become more detailed to help you determine what your drums are and what hardware came with them at that time... If you are researching the Pearl Drum Company and need help, please feel free to ask a question on our drum forum.



All Catalogs on One Page

1966 Pearl Drum Catalog
Super Outfit No 1
Super Outfit No 2
Standard Outfit 3
Standard Outfit 4
Standard Outfit 5

1968 Pearl Drum Catalog
No. 68 Super Deluxe Outfit
No. 67 Thunder-King Outfit
No. 61 Deluxe Outfit
No. 52 Jet Outfit
No. 45 Challanger Outfit
No. 45 Challanger Outfit
No. 31 Valencia Outfit
No. 30 Valencia Outfit
No. 10 Junior Outfit

1969 Pearl Drum Catalog
President Drum Outfit
Dyna-Max Outfit
Big Shot Outfit
Thunder-King Outfit
Frontier Outfit
Planet Outfit
Challanger Outfit
Valenica Outfit

1970 Pearl Drum Catalog
Dyna Family Outfit
Full Dimension Outfit
Sound Venture Outfit
Rock Outfit
Powermate Outift
Image Creator Outfit
Eight Borthers Tom-Toms
Dyna-Max Outfit

1972 Pearl Drum Catalog
Pearl Deluxe Drum Set NC-4DL
Pearl Deluxe Drum Set NC-5DL
Pearl Professional Drum Set FW-2
Pearl Professional Drum Set FW-1S
Pearl Artist Drum Set F-1S
Pearl Artist Drum Set F-2
Pearl Deluxe Drum Set NC-4

1973 Pearl Drum Catalog
Pearl Double 9
Pearl Double 6
Pearl 6 Piece
Pearl 5 Piece
Pearl 4 Piece
Pearl 3 Piece
Pearl Transparents

1974-ish Pearl Drum Catalog
Acrylic Crystal Beat
Dyna Family
Sound Venture MK III
Rock Kit
Full Dimension
Maple Kit
Power Mate
Art Blakey
1975 Pearl Drum Catalog
Pearl Double 10
Pearl Double 9
Pearl Double 6
Pearl Transparents
Pearl Big Beat
Pearl Rock Beat
Pearl Combo
Pearl Jazz
Pearl Jazz Rock Pro
Pearl Deluxe Jazz Rock

1978 Pearl Drum Catalog
Pearl F-11D
Pearl F-8DVP
Pearl F-8
Pearl F-6VP
Pearl F-5
Pearl W-5
Pearl F-16
Pearl F-11
Pearl F-7 - F-624
Pearl F-524 - F-420

1970's Pearl Drum Flyer
Pearl Fiberglass Shells

1980 Pearl Drum Catalog
Pearl Genesis
Pearl Double Ten
Pearl Double Eight
Pearl Full Spectrum
Pearl Big Beat
Pearl Power Plus
Pearl Innovation
Pearl Contempo II
Pearl Octorama
Pearl Third Dimension

Pearl Roto Rock
Pearl Power Sweep
Pearl Hard Rock
Pearl Rock Beat
Pearl Jazz Rock
Pearl Combo
Pearl Jazz

1982 Pearl Drum Catalog

Genesis Model 10D
Double Teb Model 10D
Explosion Model X-6D
Nova Model 9
Octorama Model 822
Innovation Model 7022
Innovation III Model 7122
Innovation II Model 7024
Contempo III Model 7222
Contemp IV - Big Beat

1983 Pearl History Flyer

This is a Pearl History Brochure with factory photos and history.

1983 Pearl Drum Catalog

Pearl DLX
Pearl DX-7500 Deep Force Series

TR-425J Jazz Outfit

1984 Pearl Drum Catalog

GLX-9500 - 9300 Series
MLX-8500 - 8300 Series
MX-8500 - 8300 Series
DLX-7500 - 7300 Series
DX-7500 - 7300 Series

1985 Pearl Drum Catalog

Prestige World 6500 Series
Export "Deep-Force" 5500
Export 5300 Series

1986 Pearl Drum Catalog

New Sound Venture
Power Mate
New Dyna-Family
New Full Dimension
Rock Kit
Fiberglass Hard Rock Kit
Contemporary - I
Contemporary - II
Innovation Kit

1987 Pearl Drum Catalog

Prestige Custom 8500 MLX Series
Custom 8500 MX Series
Prestige Studio 7500 BLX Series
Prestige Artist 9500 GLX Series

1993 (July) Pearl Masters Brochure

1994 Pearl Masters Flyer

1997 Pearl Masters Brochure

1999 Masters Series

Masters Custom MMX
Masters Custom MRX
Masters Studio BRX

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