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Here is an interesting piece of WFL History. William F Ludwig I was out of town at the time and mailed this to Bob Andre head of purchasing. They are discussing the new Ludwig Reversible Bass Drum Pedal and the best way to engineer the linking for the spring.

Bob sent him the original letter with the drawing (front and back) and WFLI sent the same letter back with all of his corrections and improvements in pen.

The letter is dated Feb, 2, 1953, but as you can see WFLI crossed it when he returned it back to Bob. The return postmark back to Bob was Feb 5, 1953.

There are other letters and information on the topic including orders, delivery problems, snare wires stamping machine and the competition and how they failed.


Bob Andre
Ludwig Pedal In Discussion
Linkage Close-up

Letter Sent to Bob Andre

Ludwig Letter Page 1
Ludwig Letter Page 2
Ludwig Letter Page 3

Ludwig Letter Page 4
Ludwig Letter Page 5
Ludwig Letter Page 6

Ludwig Letter Page 7




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