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Here are the Leedy Badge images I have collected over the years. These dates, like most badge dates are not always the exact year, but a range of years. As new information is found and history is gathered I update pages and make fixes to the history. If you are a collector of Leedy drums and want to add a missing Leedy Badge then please email me.


Wood Burn on the interior of a Leedy snare drum
1920's Leedy Badge
1920's Leedy Square Badge
Courtesy Vintage Drum Center
1930's sticker from a marching snare
1931-1938 Leedy & Strupe Badge
Leedy and Strupe Badge 1933-1938
Leedy and Strupe Badge 1933-1938

Here is an add from the January 1931 Leedy Topics
Leedy Spartan
This was off of an all wood WWII drum. Different then the version below. The material from the picture looks to be Aluminum. You can pick out the differences.
1949-1950 Leedy Blue and Brass Badge
Leedy & Ludwig Badge 1950-1954
1955-1956 Leedy Brass Oval Badge
1957-1958 Leedy Blue Oval Badge
1960 Leedy Blue Oval Badge
Postal Code number 48 after Chicago

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