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The Music Trade Review JULY 17, 1926

G. B. Stone & Son, Inc., Issue New Drum Catalog Various Outfits for Drummers Illustrated and Described in New Volume Just Sent to Trade by Boston House

BOSTON, MASS., July 12.—George B. Stone & Son, Inc., drum manufacturers, 61 Hanover street, have issued an interesting circular listing the Stone line of drums and are sending it out to the trade. Featured are four Stone quality drum outfits with snare and bass drums and all accessories, ranging in price from $45 to $95. Another interesting device is the Charleston foot cymbal, which is used with remarkable effect in the Vincent Lopez Orchestra.

Also shown is the Black Beauty drum outfit for $120, which includes separate tension snare drum, bass drum and canvas cover, fiber carrying-case for snare drum and traps, pedal, Turkanople cymbal, spurs, folding stand, top cymbal and suspension holder, wood block and tom-tom and holders, slapstick and pair of rosewood sticks.

The black de luxe stage outfit for $125 includes Master Model snare drum and fiber case, de luxe- bass drum and canvas cover, folding stand, pedal and spurs, Turkanople cymbal, suspension cymbal holder, Chinese tom-tom, Chinese woodblock, Kentucky cow bell, threein- one trap holder, afterbeat cymbal and holder, tambourine, slapstick, wire brushes and pair of rosewood sticks.

A line of painted bass drum heads is shown, all hand-painted in detail by skilled artists with transparent oils. The folder also lists four styles of snare drums and the Stone tympani rod bass drum in six sizes. A complete line of drum sticks is also listed.

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