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Jake Jerger
In Memory: Sept. 2, 1927 - Sept 23, 2014

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Slingerland endorser 1951-1976, 1980 to 1993, 1995-1998
Ludwig 1976-1980

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Jake's Drumming Friends
Billy Cobham
Ed Shaughnessy
Peter Erskine
Red Norvo
To Jake, Thanks for just being.
To Jake, a wonderful drummer and great pal
To Jake, with best wishes and appreciation
To Jake, My Best
Louis Bellson
Louis Bellson
Roy Burns
Les Demerle
To Jake, A great player and friend.
To Jake, A great teacher and a great friend.
To Jake, Keep Swingin'
To Jake, The best to you always, keep up the great work.
Jake with Haskell Harr
Rich and Krupa
Dave Samuels
Dave Samuels
Photo taken 1965
Gene Krupa
Jake, You're the one who got me started, I'll never forget you.
Gene Krupa with Jake
Jake on Gene's Drums
To Jake, all the best to a great percussion man
To Jake, I'm proud to be part of the percussion family when your the leader. Thanks for including me, you always bring out the best in my playing. Shelly Elias
Jake on stage with Dave Samuels at Oakton
Warren Kime
Trinnie Lopez
Jake, a great teacher, a first rate administrator and a friend
List of people Jake has worked with when he played.

Jake's Early Years

Jake with his brother Steve
Jake with his family
Jake in his teen's
Jake at 10 years old with Steve
Jake in his uniform with Steve
Jake with the Big Band Standing up in back row
This picture was in the World Book of 1967!
Old Newspaper Article about Jake
Slingerland Resume
Ludwig Vistalites
Close-up of above picture
Click for .pdf story.
Thanks to the Jeansonne's!
Jake in School with friends and Hitler Effigy
Down Beat ad for Roy C Knapp School
Slingerland Radio King Ad
Very famous Slingerland Ad

Jake's Pictures, Brushes and Books

Jakes Book cover photo
Jake behind a set of Slingerlands
Jake behind a set of Radio King Drums
Photo taken 1967

Jake in the 1968 Slingerland Catalog
Jake Jerger Model Brushes
Haskell Harr piece arranged by Jake Jerger. This is the only Haskell Harr piece arranged with someone else
Actual Brushes from my collection. I had a second pair and gave them to Jake for his birthday in 2002
Jazzin around the drums
Complete Instruction book
First edition was 1965
Re-printed 1975, 1995
Bongo Book
9 Heads
18 Heads
36 Heads
54 Heads
18 heads all that Jazz
18 heads all that Jazz
Open Roll Trip
Three Toms
Fours on a Ride
Jazz in Three
Straight Sixteenths
Twos and Fours in Triplets

Jake's Teacher and Friend
Roy C Knapp
Roy C Knapp
Roy C Knapp wishes Jake Jerger the success you have been an A1 student
To my long time friend
Jake Jerger, best wishes
Roy C Knapp
Dear Jake and Family "Memories"for you and yours to "Mull" Over. Just finished my 62nd scrapbook of all your wonderful friends. I'm very proud of all of you boys. You made me and my dirty past what I am today (Whatever) Love, Roy C Knapp
Roy C Knapp, Jake and Frank Gault
1979 Sheriton Hotel
Photo taken in 1963
Dick Richardson, Bill Ludwig II, Bill Crowden, Roy C, Knapp, Jake and Bruce Nelson
Roy C Knapp Day
Roy Knapp Memorium
PAS Memorium Article
PAS Hall OF Fame Roy C. Knapp and Others

Louise Bellson Concerts at Oakton College

One performance after Carnegie Hall and another for Jake's last concert.

Trading Brush Solos
Trading Brush Solos
The Ensemble
1991 Concert
Jakes Final Concert

Jake's Carnegie Hall Concert 1991

This was one of my greatest moments in my professional teaching career. I took a complete college percussion ensemble to appear on stage at Carnegie Hall.

The Brochure from the event
The stage was awesome
Full Ensemble
Better look at 6 Yamaha Sets
Looking at Jake onstage
The group outside Carnegie Hall
Newspaper Article
Great full stage shot
Dress Rehersal at Oakton

Tri-State Convention 1978

Look at all the famous players at this convention!

Cover from 1976
Jakes Bio
List of musicians


PAS Second National Conference 1974

Jerger's Ensemble was a big hit at this conference

Cover from 1974 PAS Day
List of performers
List of Music Played by Jerger

Jakes ensembles throughout the years. Some single student pictures.

Woodfield Shopping Center
Woodfield Shopping Center
Lake Opeka Band Shell
Ludwig Factory
Oakton Ensemble
Oakton Ensemble
Oakton Ensemble
1972 Sherman Hotel Chicago. Maine West Percussion Ensemble
Steve Barra
Recently passed away
July 17, 2003
at the age of 45
Oct 5, 1963
1970 Ensemble
Carnegie Ensemble 1991
1950's Ensemble
Jake on stage with Dave Samuels at Oakton
Jake with Dave Samuels at Oakton
The Ensemble with Louis Bellson

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