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Chuck Davis

Chuck Davis has been in the business many years. I just recently started talking to Chuck about his life. He retired from playing because of hand troubles and misses being able to sit behind a set of drums and just "Swing". His stories about Don Osborne and Barrett Deems and the "Scene" in the earlier days of drumming lend me to document some of his life for future generations. These "Old Timers" I call them made the business and created the drum industry by playing and keeping in contact directly with the manufacturers of the times.

Chuck behind a set of Ludwigs
Don Osborne, friend of Chuck
Chuck Davis Quartet
Article about Don Osborne
Chuck at a young age and a Gene Krupa signature he signed at Franks Drum Shop
Chuck Swingin' Like Gene in 1949
Chuck with his Capri Pearl Slingerlands
Chuck with Sonny Payne
Don Osborne, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich
Sent as a Christmas Greeting
From another paper!
Chuck playing at the burning of the house where the new Slingerland plant was going to be built.
Barrett, Gene and Buddy
A very young Don Osborne
Chuck with Ronnie Kole

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