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14" ten lug Super Sensative
Super Ludwig
Ten lug Green Vistalite
Eight lug Black Pearl
13" transition Badge Piccolo


Size 5 x 14"
Zoomatic Strainer
8 lugs - Stick Saver Hoops
Size: 6.5 x 14"
Radio King 1950's
Clam Shell Strainer
8 lug - Stick Chopper Hoops
Size: 8 x 14"
Slingerland Magnum 1980's
Slap Shot Strainer
12 lug - Stick Saver Hoops
Slingerland Chicago Badge 10 x14 Parade King Snare in Black Sparkle Pearl.


Premier Royal Ace
Eight Lug Yamaha Oyster


New Snare Drums

Ten Lug Remo Louis Bellson Snare


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