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GEORGE B. STONE PASSES AWAY - Drum Manufacturer of Boston, Mass., Succumbs to an Attack of Pneumonia EVERETT, MASS., January 29.—George Burt Stone, manufacturer of drums and musical instruments at 67 Hanover street, Boston, Mass., passed away at his home here last week, following a severe attack of pneumonia. Mr. Stone was well known in military circles, having been at one time drum major of the First Regiment Band, as well as leader of Stone's Military Band, a member of the Drum Corps of Yarmouth, Me., one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the East, and a member of Reeves' Band of Providence. During recent years he had retired from active participation in musical circles and devoted his entire time to his business. He was sixty years of age, and is survived by a widow and a son.


A PROGRESSIVE DRUM FIRM Stone & Son Have Gained an Enviable Standing Among the Drum Houses in This Country

One of the few concerns in this country devoting their entire efforts to the improving and manufacture of drums and drummers' supplies is the George B. Stone & Son Co., of Boston. The founder, George Burt Stone, for forty years a professional instructor, director, drum major and member of some of the finest musical and military organizations of the country, retired from professional duties to devote the remainder of his life to the manufacture of drums and to his pupils. His son, George Lawrence Stone, associated with such organizations as the Boston Festival Orchestra, Stewart's Band, Commonwealth Band, member of the Boston Opera Co. for five years, and for nearly eleven years a vaudeville artist on Keith circuit, gave up his professional career at the death of his father to the continuance of the business his father had established. Since the date of organizing in 1890, the business has grown steadily until it now occupies enlarged quarters at 47 Hanover street.


STONE & SON OPEN BRANCH Salesroom and Office in Boston Added to Take Care of Greatly Increased Demand

BOSTON, MASS., November 6.—Owing to greatly increased mail-order business in Master-Model Drums, Tru-Balance Drum Stix, etc., the old established firm of George B. Stone & Son, Inc., dating back to 1890, has recently opened a branch in the form of a large salesroom and office at 61 Hanover street, Boston, not far from their factory building located at 47 Hanover street. Everything for the drummer will be carried in stock and on display, and from all reports this is the largest showroom of its kind in New England.G. Lawrence Stone, former member of the Boston Opera Orchestra and Stewart's Band, is manager and treasurer of the corporation and in active charge of all production. F. W. Neptune, formerly of the J. C. Deagan Co., Chicago, will handle the sales and advertising distribution, both retail and wholesale.The new Stone Master-Model Drum has met with a wonderful reception by the professional trade and one of these remarkable drums is now being used in the percussion section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, where it is declared to be giving perfect satisfaction. The only difficulty now is to supply the increased demand for this better grade of merchandise.


STONE DRUMSTICKS IN DEMAND Boston Firm Reports Good Sales of "Tru-Balance" and Also of New Model "Scratch," Which Gives Jazz Effects

BOSTON, MASS., April 16.—The firm of Geo. B. Stone & Sons, Inc., now located at 61 Hanover street, is specializing in the production of new styles of drumsticks which are meeting with the approval of the music trade and the drum profession. Chief among these sticks are the "Tru-Balance" drumsticks and the "Scratch" drumsticks. "Stone of Boston" has been studying the needs of drummers since 1890 and has done consistently good work in this line. During the past six months this firm has developed several remarkable orchestra drums to a high degree. The Stone Master Model drum is now well known in the trade. One of these drums was used the whole season in the famous Boston Symphony Orchestra, an unusual record. "Tru-Balance" drumsticks have been on the market six months and are proving more popular than ever. George L. Stone reports that it keeps the wood-turning department on the jump to supply the increasing demand for these hand-turned and scientifically balanced sticks. The "Scratch" sticks are new and are made like the regulation hickory sticks except that they are grooved along the neck so that rubbing one across the other while pressed on the drum head produces a jazz effect. Small goods dealers are finding these sticks great sellers in their departments.


Stone Announces New All-Metal Snare Drum Made With Solid Aluminum Shell With Hoops to Match, This Being Selected After Many Experiments by Firm

BOSTON, MASS., July 25.—With the issue of a brand new Summer drum folder in colors, just off the press, containing many new items of interest to all drummers, George B. Stone & Son, Inc., drum makers, have introduced to the trade and profession a most remarkable allmetal snare drum constructed on the same scientific lines as t"heir wood-shell Master- Model which is now so well-known to the trade and which is being used by so many of the better-known professional drummers today, including Lopez Pennsylvanians, Mai Hallet, U. S. Jazz Band, Pryor's Band and many others of equal prominence. The new all-metal Master-Model drum is the result of long and careful study of different forms of metal and a solid aluminum shell with hoops to match was finally selected as being the least impervious to dampness and other weather conditions which cause the drummer so much worry. Many other features have been incorporated into this new drum and the immediate sales have indicated that this drum will soon take a place among the finest all-metal snare drums on the market.

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