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This was on the rim of a Duplex snare
This was on the rim of a Duplex snare
This was on the rim of a Duplex snare
Between 1968 and early 70's
Courtesy: Dan "Big D" Smith

A little info about the Grossman History
It's difficult to give an exact date, but '68 to the very early `70's. After Grossman sold Rogers to CBS, he bought the Duplex name in or about 1968 and built drums using leftover Rogers components. The shells were the same shells used on all the Rogers drums, but the drum hardware was from the Yamaha built R-360/380 drums of the same era. These drums are very high quality and were built in the old Cleveland Rogers factory.

I assume they only built and sold them to get rid of the leftover stock and when the stock was gone Duplexes were gone (although Grossman still uses the name on many products). They sold them through their catalog for a few years, but they never sold many drums . . . they are really very rare. Everyone wanted the "name brands". Most people probably thought the Duplexes were just like the "Japanese blue sparkle junk" sold through so many catalog vendors. If people had know how high a quality these drums were they may have sold better, but by 1970 there were big changes on the horizon as “Made in Japan” would soon no longer equate to JUNK . . .

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