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This page will be a collection of the different configurations of drum sets that Camco and Geo Way Drums offered over the years... As I add things this section will grow and become more detailed to help you determine what your drums are and what hardware came with them at that time...

All Catalogs on One Page

Prior to 1957 Geo Way was not making toms and bass drums.. I have a flyer
stating "Toms and Bass Drums" Available November 20, 1957

1957 Geo Way Catalog
The Aristocrats of the Drum World
The Modernaire Outfit
The Spartan Models
The Tuxedo Outfit

1961 Camco Catalog
The Advanced Modernaire Outfit
The Entertainer Outfit
The Casino Outfit

The Tuxedo Outfit

1962 Camco Catalog
The Advanced Modernaire Outfit
The Casino Outift
The Tuxedo Outfits

The Combo Outfits
The Entertainer Outfits

1965 Camco Catalog
Camco Advanced Modernaire Outfit
The Casino Artistocrat Outfit
Artistocrat Swinger Outfit
Camco Gemini Outfit
New Tuxedo Outfit
Camco Combo Outfit
Entertainer Outfit

1971 Camco Catalog
Camco Big Band Outfit
Camco Double Tom Tom Outfit
Camco Astro Outfit
Camco Swinger Outfit
Tuxedo Outfit

1973 Camco Catalog
The Camco C-650 Drum Outfit
The Camco C-600 Drum Outfit
The Camco C-400 Drum Outfit
The Camco C-420 Drum Outfit
The Camco C-450 Drum Outfit
The Camco C-500 Drum Outfit

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