The History of the Drum Brush "Fly Killer"

In 1992 I created a new brush for drum set playing. I had the ability to actually produce these brushes on a small scale for me to use. Recently I was searching for some papers and I came a cross a large packet that contained all of the information that I gathered when I was considering getting the brushes patented. Interestingly enough I even did a senior level college paper on how to manufacture and produce my brushes. The brush was called NUBrush (New Brush) and I was to the point of deciding if I should take it to get a patent. After doing the patent search and finding nothing similar in design I even began the process of making sure the word NUBrush was not registered or trade marked. I was instructed by an attorney to put all of my original documents and drawings in an envelope and mail them to myself so that they could be post marked and secure the date that my brush was invented. The envelope is still sealed and I have not opened it.

This is a letter from William Ludwig Jr. Replying to my questions about brushes
This is a letter from Rick Van Horn at Modern Drummer Replying to my questions about brushes

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Schematic of the NUBrush
1. End locks in place
2. Rubber stops 3/4 from wires
3. Handle was different colors
4. Different thickness wire

When the brush was locked into place the end could be used like a stick and gave a very strong cymbal sound or slide on the cymbal. With the rubber cut back a better rim shot and cymbal sound could be achieved.

Inventor: Manny Goldrich
Date Filed: April 26, 1946

This brush had a twisted wire that would hold the the brush in place It looks like this patent was assigned to William D. Gladstone.
Inventor: Manny Goldrich
Date Filed: June 20, 1947

This brush had a locking mechanism on the outside of the handle. Four holes let the drummer set the length of the bristles.
Inventor: Frank A. Pochobradsky
Date Filed: OCt. 25, 1954

This brush had a system for changing the rod, end and the bristles. Shorter rod, let a smaller amount of bristles out.
Inventor: Joseph D. Calato
Date Filed: Oct 6, 1975

We all know this brush as the Regal Tip by Calato. The patent was unique, because the rod had a special bend near the end to hold the rod in place.

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