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Welcome to the web site. This site is designed to help you figure out what type of drums you have and the history behind them.

Many people come here to learn more about what they own or how to restore a set of drums they have in their collection.

So each of the companies above has a selection of different catalog scans based off of finishes, snare drums and drum sets, also other sections that help with badges and hardware.

There is no exact science to vintage drums and many cases there are just a lot of inconsistent facts that make it difficult to get to the exact year. So please be happy with a range of dates based on many of the common characteristics of certain eras.

If at any time you do not understand the information on the main web site then the forum is another excellent resource that has a built in search feature. You can search prior to joining and then ask questions and get direct answers from our resident experts.

Thank You!

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Vintage Bass Drum Pedals

Slingerland History
Article 5: Strainers

By: Dr. C.J. Wenk (DrCJW)

Listen to this and other sound effects!

Just added some of the pages for the Billy Gladstone Metronome Magazine Aug 1938 Issue

Vintage and New Drum Key Collection
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Here are some of the oldest catalogs for vintage drums. They are excellent sources for research and are usually the complete catalog scan...

1905 T.C. Girton Drums
1907 Dodge Drums Catalog
1910 Yerkes' Sound Effects
1911 Acme Drums
1911 Excelsior Drums
1911 Ludwig Drums Flyer
1912 Ludwig Drums Catalog
1923 Ludwig Drums Catalog

Drummer Pages
Louie Bellson
Buddy Rich
Cozy Cole
Lionel Hampton
Gene Krupa
Red Norvo
Joe Morello
Frank Arsenault
J . Burns Moore

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This web site is dedicated to the history of vintage drums.

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